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Contact person: Laurens Goedegebuure

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Laurens Goedegebuure

IF you speak to anyone that watched the Indoor Hockey World Cup in 2015, they will point to Laurens Goedegebuure as one of the main reasons why the Netherlands won in 2015. He had the tournament of his life and was awarded Best Goalie at the event. It was a performance that showed his true nature and ability playing on the big stage. His shot stopping was second to none and his confident, casual approach to saving blinding shots is a spectacle on its own.

Laurens has played many Indoor and Outdoor seasons in Hoofdklasse for Amsterdam hockey club. He is a specialist indoor goalie though and played in 30 Indoor Tests for the Netherlands .  He retired from the Indoor Dutch team in 2016 but continues to be actively involved in hockey paving a way for his chance to develop the future stars of Netherlands hockey.