Established Date: 2018

Home Court: Almere



Contact person: Nicki Leijs

Email: nicki_leijs@hotmail.com

Telephone: +31646290279

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Nicki Leijs

There are few players in the World of Indoor Hockey with as exciting technique and ability as Nicki Leijis. One of the South African Men remarked after playing against Nicki as an All-Star that it was impossible to mark him as if you left him a tiny gap he would always find a way through it. In fact crowds regularly react with a gasp of disbelief when Leijs emerges with the ball from a seemingly impossible situation. Nicki was also part of the World Cup winning Dutch side, but was a youngster in the team. Netherlands fans can still look forward to many more moments of excitement in the future with Leijs.

After spending many seasons of indoor and outdoor Hoofdklasse hockey with Amsterdam, he has recently relocated to Almere.