Pro Series Indoor (PSi) focuses on promoting and developing the game of Indoor across the globe.

The Indoor hockey season is limited and with PSI we provide a platform for kids to enjoy the game over a longer period.

 In each major hockey city within the Netherlands, we will be running an Indoor Hockey Academy for children of all ages.

At the various Academies, PSi will be offering Indoor camps, Clinics and fun Festivals for kids to learn and develop their indoor skills.

Indoor hockey is the perfect game to enhance your technical skills and decision making on the field and we firmly believe that it accelerates your growth as a player.

Kids who wish to play more indoor and learn from some of the top Dutch hockey players outside of your club environment can sign up to the different PSi events.

This also gives you an opportunity to meet other hockey players from the different clubs within your city. It’s so good to learn and play with other players as it gets you out of your comfort zone.

Indoor hockey is fun, fast and full of action so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

What Robert Tigges has to say about PSI

“PSi is the most amazing experience to have with indoor hockey as a kid. Nowhere in the world you will you find something like this. With a combination of competitive hockey, fun and entertainment this experience will blow your mind. It certainly blew my mind 3 years ago and I have never left since! With a professional organisation and format the kids will feel like playing Nationals. They will get pumped and try to win this competition! In the end, everyone will all cheer for each other and it will be an incredible hockey party!”

Robert TiggesInternational Hockey Player